Aricia Skidmore-Williams & Brooke Siffrinn

Comedians & Award-Winning Podcast Hosts


Aricia Skidmore-Williams & Brooke Siffrinn

Comedians & Podcast Hosts



Comedian did just about everything to pay the bills – from being a Blackjack dealer to woman standing outside of peep show.



Before making it to Hollywood, the hilarious award-winning podcaster worked as an EMT and health educator at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Always talking about

  • Pop culture news & analysis – beyond the headlines
  • Pop culture history
  • Wealthy family dynasties
  • Reality TV: Bravo, competition series, the works
  • Mental health – let’s talk about it!
  • Our furry friends – especially dogs
  • Anything and everything marijuana/stoner chicks

How it all began


Brooke and Aricia's journey is a classic tale in the world of podcasting. They crossed paths while working as valet attendants at exclusive events for the rich and famous. An instant connection formed, and they became roommates, bonding over Step Brothers quotes and trashy TV marathons. Their initial foray into co-hosting a Bachelor podcast didn't catapult them to stardom, much to their surprise.

Undeterred, they set out on a new quest for success. One fateful day, Aricia stumbled upon a podcasting company's call for funny best friends to discuss the lives of the wealthy elite. It was as if fate had designed the role specifically for them, like peanut butter and chocolate coming together for a delicious partnership.

Their first joint audition (aside from a forgettable game show attempt) resulted in them landing the hosting roles for three wildly popular Wondery podcasts: Even the Rich, an award-winning show dissecting the lives of famous individuals; Rich and Daily, a daily dose of pop culture and celebrity news; and In God We Lust, a chart-topping miniseries.

Throughout their podcasting journey, Brooke and Aricia are known for their playful banter, encouraging their audience to delve deeper into the stories they discuss, and their empathetic approach to the celebrities they feature.

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